IBM is closing its Global Delivery Centre in Malaysia

  • IBM is planning to close its Global Delivery Centre in Malaysia’s Cyberjaya by the end of May as part of a continuous efficiency review. 
  • The Global Delivery Centre was announced to be developed in 2011.
  • IBM has partnered with Samsung for advanced 5G technologies.

“As part of IBM’s constant review of the most efficient way to source our products and services, our global centre maintaining client information technology infrastructure in Malaysia will close by May 31,” an IBM spokesperson said recently.

The spokesperson emphasised that there would be no impact on other IBM services in Malaysia.

“IBM remains dedicated to Malaysia and will continue to focus on building its capability and capacity to help our clients on their hybrid cloud and artificial intelligence journey,” the spokesperson said. 

IBM disclosed in late 2011 that it would invest RM1 billion over six years to build its information technology Global Delivery Centre in Cyberjaya, established in the Sepang District, Selangor, creating up to 3,000 highly skilled jobs.

At the time of its initial release, IBM said the Cyberjaya centre would provide competency-based services and multilingual capacities and be a Centre of Excellence (CoE) for software packaging and distribution. 

“This centre is an exceptional example of a project that brings together economic development and along with highly skilled jobs. It brings in a way that can help remodel our economy in the 21st century,” said then Prime Minister Haji Mohammad Abdul Razak at the time. “IBM has been supporting Malaysia’s endeavours to build a competitive and modern shared services hub. 

“While shared services centres are an important source of employment and income, they are also a source of less visible but equally important benefits. The benefits include the command of important skills and competencies to local knowledge workers as well as exposure to international best practices and examples,” he added.

In March this year, IBM announced it had partnered up with Samsung Electronics and digital network operator M1 to begin what is being referred to as an ‘Industry 4.0 Studio,’ designed to be a trial ground for advanced 5G and other rising technologies.

Broadly, the Singapore studio is intended to combine 5G connectivity with AI, hybrid cloud and edge computing abilities to develop and test innovative Industry 4.0 solutions for enterprises in Singapore and across the region.