IBM hosts an all-women virtual hackathon.

In collaboration with IBM, women in Technology (WiT-ACE) is organizing the second edition of its All-Women virtual hackathon from June 16 to June 18. The theme for this event will be ‘She the Force- Hack for Sustainability.’

Climate change and its effects are very alarming and consequential. Melting glaciers, rising temperatures, changed weather patterns, and rising sea levels are the effects of climate change and must be looked into efficiently.

Women in Technology (WiT-ACE) collaborates with IBM to organize its second annual All Women virtual hackathon from 16 to June 18 to address the climate change issue.
The virtual hackathon will attract over 1500 women tech professionals from major IT companies to address the climate change and challenges to deal with Covid -19. Last year when the event was launched by WiT, around 425 teams from over 100 companies participated in it for a theme of ‘Tech Solutions to Accelerate the New Normal.’

Anuranjita Kumar, Founder, CEO of WiT-ACE, said, “The annual WiT-ACE hackathon is organized as a powerful platform for women techies to showcase their planning and coding skills and come together for a cause of saving the planet and making it a better world for future generations.”

Usha Srikanth, Senior Partner and Client Services Leader, IBM India, said, “The world must adopt that climate crisis is accelerating. We at IBM believe that developers can leverage open-source technologies like AI, Cloud, and IoT to create solutions for climate change. Therefore, the company is partnering with WiT-ACE for the hackathon to look forward to groundbreaking ideas that can transform the world.”

The hackathon will aim at ideation and developing technology to create a constructive impact on the world for a safe future. In Addition, the participating teams will be mentored by industry leaders from WiT-ACE and IBM.

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