IBM Data Fabric: AI-powered smarter solution for the future pandemic.

Big Blue IBM was at the center of finding remedies early on and ran into significant difficulties with data access for medical repositories with adequate data privacy. 

IBM is driving two efforts to speed up how companies can respond more rapidly to tactical and strategic threats and rabidly identify remedies for future viral events. 

These two technologies are Federated Learning and IBM Data Fabric, which can be potentially a game-changer when mitigating the future pandemic. 

IBM Federated Learning

The hurdle to locate existing medications that may effectively mitigate or cure the Covid-19 wasn’t the lack of data. But, inconsistent formats of databases and restrictions by laws or practices made sharing the data impossible. 

The data privacy and accessibility regulations around the world resulted in numerous avoidable deaths. As the justifications for keeping the data private seem to exceed the reason for saving lives.

IBM Federated Learning uses a process in which data is analyzed in place. The analysis results are forwarded to an aggregator obfuscating any of the individual details of the patents involved or other projects that a research hospital might be undertaking.

IBM Federated Learning protects the patients’ privacy and most of the competitive advantage of the research hospital.

IBM Data Fabric 

IBM Data Fabric is a common trusted data foundation and delivers business-ready data at extremely high speeds. It identifies data sources and orchestrates those sources to provide the required information needed to solve the query. 

IBM Data Fabric is agnostic to deployment platforms, data use, data process, geographical locations, and architectural approach. In addition, it has built-in compliance with governance, security, and regulations surrounding the data. Moreover, it has proven to yield cost and operational efficiencies by eliminating the need for independent tools.

Along with IBM Federated Learning, IBM’s Data Fabric provides a massive speed boost. It appears well designated to deal with the exact problems identified during the efforts to remedy Covid-19. 

IBM Data Fabric can operate across securely protected and regulated medical databases while complying with the local laws environing data privacy and guarding the intellectual property of the database owners unrelated to the specific antiviral work.

IBM Federated Learning and IBM Data Fabric together create a foundation that would provide a rapid ability to identify remedies for viruses in a short time. 

IBM is also an AI company, and if IBM Watson is combined along, doctors can get faster remedies for a variety of hard-to-treat illnesses. Additionally, it can provide better treatments due to more data to analyze and more intelligent AI to deliver results. 

IBM Watson, IBM Federated Learning, and IBM Data Fabric, if used correctly, could make the future far brighter than it otherwise would be.

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