IBM collaborates with Dronehub to automate drone inspection services with AI.

IBM is teaming up with Dronehub, a manufacturer of drone-in-a-box systems based in Poland, to use machine learning and artificial intelligence to simplify drone inspection missions.

Uncrewed aerial vehicles and artificial intelligence are thought to be a technological match made in heaven. And not for no cause.

AI-powered technology for drone operations

Drones produce massive quantities of data. Any business that wants to provide real-time analysis of drone data at scale must manage these data volumes effectively. Here’s where AI server infrastructure options come into play.

 Additionally, identifying objects from drone data, counting and segmenting the objects of interest, and detecting changes in them over time are monotonous and labour-intensive tasks that take a long time to complete. AI innovations have proved to be a game-changer for drone applications by assisting in the automation of all of these activities.


What does IBM and Dronehub’s collaboration look like?

Dronehub is on a mission to help organisations enhance their ground infrastructure by automated drone inspections as a developer of autonomous drone docking stations. The drone startup will develop new artificial intelligence algorithms, extend its applications, and expand its services to new clients and industries by leveraging IBM’s AI solutions.

For clients with broad infrastructure footprints, the ultimate aim is to reduce monitoring costs and simplify the process of getting real-time aerial data.

According to Sebastian Jeliski, a senior server solutions consultant at IBM, the relationship is an excellent example of transforming emerging technology and the power of AI into benefits for clients. He declares:

 The aviation industry’s future growth will be aided significantly by next-generation AI-powered technology. The possibility to carry out many more advanced drone use cases across different sectors, from agriculture to railways, with the help of IBM solutions.

 Dronehub is also convinced that collaborating with IBM would enable the drone-in-a-box solution provider to develop entirely new products. Vadym Melnyk, the founder and CEO of Dronehub, adds:

 We will evaluate potential market and research opportunities focused on next-generation AI-powered technologies for drone operations thanks to the industry know-how and IBM technology. We will incorporate new ideas and algorithms to further advance our drone systems by collaborating with IBM.


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