IBM based AI to enhance 2020 Grammy Award experience

IBM based AI – IBM Watson is going to enhance the 62nd Annual GRAMMY Awards® experience on Sunday, Jan. 26 at 8 PM ET

What is Grammy- Grammy is one of the most distinguished awards presented to recognize achievements in the music industry.

What is IBM Watson- 

  • IBM developed Watson as a question-answering computer system and currently using Advance AI and Natural Language Processing ‘NLP’ spanning multiple industries to solve complex issues
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What exactly IBM Watson will do in the Grammy Awards-

  • IBM Watson artificial intelligence (AI) will kick in when an artist is on the red carpet
  • IBM will display interesting and relevant information cards about the artist in real-time by pulling millions of data sources. Thanks to Watson Discovery, Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Speech to Text technologies
  • For Example, IBM Watson will display where is the first show an artist played, how old were they when they played their third show and where did they play? And so, and many other colorful facts about them

IBM has partnered for Grammy before, but this is the first time that the advance AI solution is being offered.


Interesting video by IBM:



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