IBM and Esri host a coding challenge to combat climate change ; Red Hat OpenShift, IBM Watson, IBM Cloud, IBM Blockchain

Tech giants IBM and Esri team up and joined the fourth annual Call for Code Global challenge to support the developer’s ecosystem and open source community in the fight against climate change.

Esri is known all around the world for its expertise in location intelligence. David Clark Cause is credited for creating Call for Code Global Challenge in 2018. Some of its partners are IBM, the Linux Foundation and United Nations Human Rights.

The objective behind Call for Code is to create a global impact on humanitarian issues that last for a long time using open source technologies.

This year, with IBM and Esri team, the developers and innovators will compete against each other to develop and suggest solutions on the climate change issue using open source software like Red Hat OpenShift, IBM Watson, IBM Cloud, IBM Blockchain. They will also provide the necessary weather data.

After the launch, more than 15,000 applications have been created by over 400,000 developers and problem solvers belonging to 179 countries across the world, who participated in the global challenge.

The main focus of this year’s competition is one of these three themes
1. Water availability and consumption
2. Food production and delivery
3. Economic production and availability

The above are the most important factors to control if we are looking to combat climate change.

The competition winner will receive a cash prize of $200,000 and, along with that, get access to service corps, technical experts and partners of IBM. Their support will help the winner in developing their technology and implementing it on the ground. The technology will be available open-source for further innovation based on it.

IBM and Esri team-up will help participants to have access to amazing technologies of these global leaders. Esri has allowed participants to access its geospatial analytics software.

Esri has also provided resources like a free ArcGIS Platform developer account and dedicated community support to mentor participants.

On IBM and Esri team up, Willie M. Tejada, IBM Chief Developer, said that they are excited to work with Esri. Throughout the Call, for Code global challenge, they will try to deploy the solution that can be effective in facing challenges with Climate Change.


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