IBM and DISH Partnered for Implementation of Cloud-Native 5G Network in the US

According to a recent announcement from IBM, it has signed a partnership deal with DISH. Collectively they will work for the implementation of the first greenfield cloud-native 5G network of the United States.

Under this partnership, the business and operations platforms of DISH will try to accomplish 5G network orchestration leveraging the AI-powered automation and network orchestration software and services of IBM.

According to the chief network officer of DISH Wireless, Marc Rouanne, the 5G network build by them is a combination of several networks, and enterprises will be able to avail, customize or release segments of it, as per their changing business needs.

He added that it is the automation, machine learning, and AI technology that will allow the orchestration solutions of IBM to customize these network slices with evolving customer needs.

Small businesses, large enterprises, and the wireless industry are expected to observe a major impact due to the combination of 5G’s speed and latency advances, with cloud’s customization and intelligence.

According to him, the 5G network architecture of DISH, and Cloud Pak of IBM will help in the efficient and seamless integration of hardware and software resources.

The platforms of IBM are capable of learning continuously, providing insights, with financial analysis for issue resolution, allowing DISH to start offering new services at a faster rate.

Talking about the deal, Managing director of IBM Global Communications Sector, Steve Canepa said that, DISH can offer world-class network services requiring minimum human intervention, leveraging their AI-powered automation and intent-driven network orchestration software.

Even, DISH has also planned for offline advanced network slicing, which customers can manage themselves. Other services offered by IBM to DISH will be related to customer service and sales systems management, network services pricing, and billing offers.

For its 5G network, the company is working with several companies including Vodafone, AWS, Telefonica, Verizon, AT&T, and Bharti Airtel.

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