IBM and Deloitte launched Dapper, an AI-enabled analytics solution. 

Dapper, an AI-enabled managed analytics solution, was unveiled today by IBM and Deloitte. The solution builds on the two companies’ 21-year global partnership—which aids clients in accelerating the deployment of hybrid cloud and AI across the enterprise—as well as their 10-year experience adopting the Deloitte Analytics Platform.

Dapper’s end-to-end capabilities will enable enterprises to acquire trust in the insights provided by their data through a secure, easy-to-use managed service solution that attempts to overcome the hurdles of AI adoption.

In today’s competitive, insights-driven business world, relevant and actionable data may propel firms to success. Clients across industries say they’re having trouble accelerating the value of AI and analytics due to a lack of trust in data, domain expertise, and resources to build a solution that can perform in various business environments while also fulfilling rigorous security and compliance standards.

“Choose AI cloud services over constructing custom models to handle a wider variety of use cases and for faster deployment and built-in scalability,” Gartner® advises its clients.

Dapper is the culmination of the Deloitte and IBM alliance’s combined technical leadership, hands-on business experience, and industry experience.

Dapper combines the Deloitte Analytics Platform with IBM Cloud Pak for Data on Red Hat OpenShift to provide business customers with a fully-managed AI solution that avoids the resources and time required to develop, implement, and manage a custom solution.

Based on IBM’s current hybrid cloud architecture and AI technologies, Dapper enables enterprises to scale their operations, improve data trust, and allow smart reporting. Dapper is a Deloitte-managed IBM Cloud service that may be used on-premises or in multi-cloud environments.

Its fully-managed analytics solution offers a variety of service packages and subscription models, as well as three essential components designed to help businesses get the most out of their data:

  • A cloud-based analytics platform: IBM’s security and analytics platform is combined with Deloitte’s streamlined administration, operations, and maintenance to deliver a seamless, automated data analytics solution for business customers.
  • Access to specific analytics building blocks and approaches designed to streamline analytics development with operations, providing a DevOps experience to help speed the delivery of analytics assets.
  • Catalogue of subscription service offerings: Offers various analytics services, including dashboards, enterprise reporting, data management tools, and AI orchestration and consumption, by combining simplicity with data connectors.

Deloitte and IBM’s Dapper platform can allow data scientists and business users alike generate, organise, and manage insight-providing assets to help organisations promote reliable reporting and AI solutions so they can focus on business outcomes.

Deloitte and IBM, for example, can use Dapper to assist a government entity in combating fraud, such as tax fraud or fraud involving employee perks, pensions, or money laundering. An analytics cloud can employ Dapper to collect and let business users report on siloed data from distant data centres, making data available for advanced AI algorithms and reports, running associated use cases, and supporting clients’ regulatory compliance requirements.

All of this is delivered as a managed service offering and is designed to be deployed in weeks, not months, and draws on real-time data from multiple business units or, in this case, government organisations.

“Today’s announcement is another example of the companies’ long-standing collaboration to help clients modernise their businesses with sophisticated technology,” said Evaristus Mainsah, IBM’s GM of Hybrid Cloud and Edge Ecosystem.

“Deloitte and IBM have collaborated to create a flexible hybrid cloud engine that can help clients extract real value from their data by leveraging AI. To establish a route to digital domination, Dapper will drive transformation, spur innovation, and reshape the business.”

Deloitte North & South Europe Senior Partner and CEO Richard Houston stated, “Dapper is the result of Deloitte’s ten years of business and technology innovation. It’s another market-leading example of Deloitte and IBM combining technology, experience, and industry understanding to help customers turn data into insights quickly, consistently, and reliably.”

Deloitte, an IBM Platinum Business Partner, is part of IBM’s partner ecosystem, an initiative to help partners of all types—whether they build on, service, or resell IBM technologies and platforms—manage and modernise workloads from the mainframe to the edge, and everything in between, using IBM solutions and Red Hat OpenShift, the industry’s leading enterprise Kubernetes platform.


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