Honeywell India to upskill 15000 students through a training program.

Tech firm Honeywell India has announced its plans to make nearly 15000 students industry-ready over the next three years as technological skills are pivotal for businesses to chart future roadmap.

Despite the ongoing talent war in the Indian tech industry, Ashish Gaikwad, President, Honeywell India, is optimistic about the country’s opportunities, including its vast pool of engineers and technicians. However, the warning remains the lack of knowledge and training of this potential talent in modern technologies that run the industries.

Gaikwad, in an interview, shared Honeywell India’s plans to train 15000 students over the next three years. While discussing the company’s hiring plans in 2022, he said, “There is no talent shortage in India. Building skills and competencies are required to orient talented people into suitable streams and technologies.”

Honeywell India and ICT academy

Honeywell India is partnering with ICT academy to start a Center of Excellence in 50 colleges across Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and Maharashtra. Honeywell and ICT academy will focus on imparting relevant training to students that will be useful to the new digital economy that will be important for India and how we bridge the gap between theoretical curriculum and what the industry needs when these students join the workforce.

The courses will be available for students with economic constraints to accessing education of this sort. Honeywell India wants to democratize learning of these technologies, which will be pivotal when they join the workforce.

Gaikwad added that job creation had been one of the most significant focuses for the government and private companies. Additionally, around 45 to 47 percent of women engineers graduate in India, but only 18 to 20 percent join the workforce, so the company wants to converge more gender diversity while training the students.

Honeywell India will invest Rs. 10 crores in 2021 for the students’ three-year training program, where its employees will also be guest lecturers. Initially, the company will launch the program in Maharashtra, Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu. Depending on the response and success, it will expand the training program into other parts.

The company will train 5000 students per year over the next three years. However, Honeywell India will not hire through the same colleges, and students will choose their career paths.

Gaikwad added that the company is working on Smart City projects, finding solutions for traffic management and city surveillance, which require the same digital skills like AI, ML, multiple sensors, and devices for IoT.

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