Hiring in Indian IT companies in 2021

Tectonic shifts in the hiring field in the IT industry is not alien. With industry giants like the Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) announcing that it will follow a 25/25 model, i.e. only 25% of its workforce will operate from the workplace premises by 2025, it becomes detrimental to analyze hiring trends in the Indian IT Companies to understand the market better.

Sources from several job market indicators reveal that hiring is going to amp up in the coming years. The Michael Page Global Survey states that 53% of the organizations in the Indian IT industry plan to recruit more in 2021, whereas 60 percent are supposed to hand over increments. With more and more Indian IT Companies emphasizing the need for a holistic hiring process, IT BY DESIGN, a global IT Infrastructure management company, has a comprehensive hiring plan. The plan encompasses best-in-class compensation, prioritizes a healthy work environment, equal employment opportunities, and year-round-employee training and learning opportunities.

With Covid putting interpersonal interactions at a halt, recruiters are now opting for AI-powered psychometric evaluations test skills of prospective employees.

Indian IT Companies are focusing now on inclusivity as they aim to create a genuinely heterogeneous workforce. Along with Leadership mentorship skills, Indian IT Companies are looking to hire cybersecurity and cloud computing experts, a demand fuelled by the increase in the use of SaaS cloud-based products, Building a robust security framework and reducing vulnerabilities along with training non-technical staff on Threat Intelligence is now of utmost importance to Indian IT companies. Being the second-largest market for freelancers, Indian gig workers hope to see brighter opportunities after a somewhat turbulent 2020.

The pandemic wreaking havoc on many employees’ mental health becomes essential for organizations to prioritize the emotional well-being of their employees if they dream of building a heterogenous agile workforce.

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