Here is why this IBM India Job posting going viral

IBM job posting
IBM job posting

IBM has posted a job ad inviting candidates with a “minimum 12+ years of experience in Kubernetes administration and management”.

Funny thing is – Kubernetes is just 6-year-old technology.

First GitHub commits for the Kubernetes was made on June 7, 2014, which is 6 years ago. In other words, IBM is calling candidates who have 12+ years of experience in a technology that is just 6 years old.

What is Kubernetes

Google has designed Kubernetes initially as an open-source container orchestration system for automating computer application deployment in 2014.

Who Posted this job and for which IBM location:

IBM Global Technology Services (GTS) posted this job for India. The city name was not mentioned in the job description.

IBM is not alone; many times job postings have a silly mistake. Many people supported saying HR or non-technical recruiters who are putting down requirements may not have an idea about it.

How People and community reacted:

Soon this job posting went viral, especially because of those who know about Kubernetes or worked on this technology.

Here are a couple of hilarious tweets that Indian IT Blog liked:

The first one is from developer Sebastián Ramírez, who created FastAPI and recently shared a similar experience on Twitter.


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