HCL, Zoho, and 8 others are in the race for Made in India Alternative for Zoom, Google Meet


The government of India has shortlisted ten companies, including Zoho and Major IT Company HCL Technologies, to develop a Made in India video conferencing solution similar to Zoom, Google Meet.

Why Made in India version is needed?:

  • Even though Zoom may be one of the most popular video conferencing solutions, it always had privacy and security issues.
  • The majority of the data from these video conferencing solutions is stored outside of India, thus giving more control to these companies and other foreign countries over India.
  • Made-in India version of Zoom can opt-in for local Indian based data centers even though using multinational cloud companies as there preferred partners.
  • The COVID-19 situation made everyone realize that video conferencing is essential for not only work but also for Schools, Colleges, Coaching institutes, and training centers. India has many languages. Therefore, a solution is required, which is not only robust and user friendly but also highly customizable as per local Indian languages. [Simialr statement by Data Ingenious  as told to ET]
  • Similar to the mobile revolution in India, video conferencing is going to be a big game in the Indian market. It could be one of the opportunities for Indian companies to have a global product that best fits our domestic need 🙂

List of 10 shortlisted companies:

  1. Zoho
  2. HCL Technologies
  3. PeopleLink
  4. Aria Telecom
  5. CyberHorizon Corp
  6. Instrive Softlabs
  7. PeopleLink Unified Communications Sarv Webs
  8. Soulpage IT Solutions
  9. Techgentsia Software Technologies
  10. Data Ingenious

How this initiative will work:


Govt. will grant ₹5 lakh to each of these ten companies to develop a prototype for the video conferencing solution similar to Zoom and Google Meet.


Govt. will grant ₹20 lakh to 3 out of 10 companies to build the complete solution. 


One company with the best solution will be selected as the winner and deploy it for use by state government entities and the Government of India. 

Govt. will give ₹1 crore in the first year to the winner company and after that ₹20 lakh each year.

Thanks and Stay Safe!!!


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