HCL to offers Rs.30 lakh insurance cover for employees who dies of Covid-19;announces other benefits

  • About 1,600 HCL employees have been affected by Covid to date.

HCL Employees will receive a Rs 30-lakh insurance cover and an additional Rs 7-lakh employee deposit insurance cover from HCL Technologies. If an employee dies due to Covid-19, his or her family will receive the total value of the policy and a sum equivalent to one year’s salary.

Covid has impacted about 1,600 workers at the company so far. There have even been a few fatalities.

“We’re also offering three years of medical coverage to the impacted families. Five years of education coverage for their children, and training to their spouses wherever they want to join us,” HCL’s chief human resources officer Apparao V V said on Friday. HCL Tech employs 1.6 lakh people.

According to the firm, it is in the process of forming a corpus to assist affected workers. HCL has established a ‘Power of One’ fund. In which each employee contributes Re 1 per day to help those in need.

“In these unprecedented times, we don’t want our workers to be in any financial straits to pay for their healthcare,” Apparao said.

Isolation beds have been set up around the company’s campuses. It has expanded its medical advisory helplines, which now include 46 physicians and 31 nurses.

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