Google Upgrades for Gmail Accounts of Small Businesses

On Monday, the Global IT giant announced that Google upgrades the Gmail accounts of small businesses with premium features for a paid subscription. Google has been entertaining its global users with its innovative ideas and services, sometimes paid and sometimes free of cost.

The company makes these choices to keep its revenue streams flowing and offer the best services to its users.

Now small businesses can access the extra features of their Gmail account by paying a subscription charge unavailable for free users. In the subscription, Google upgrades features like seamless video chatting, email newsletter and enhanced calendar functionalities.

According to a Reuters report, the company has offered a USD 2 discount on a subscription to Google Workspace Individual, which cost USD 7.99/month.

Google Photos and YouTube are some of the highest revenue-generating sources of the company, and Google upgrades the features to attract more users to them in exchange for extended functionalities unavailable for the free users.

It is observed that only a small section of the target audience feel encouraged enough to buy a subscription through advertisements. This way, Google has come up with the idea of offering premium features to its paid users. Google upgrades will attract small businesses to increase their productivity.

Google already offered premium services to large businesses with an official website, and now it has scaled it down for small businesses. Google Workspace Vice President, Mr Javier Soltero, said that Google is aware that many businesses are using their Gmail services and have launched their new plan to turn them into paid subscribers.

Users in United States, Australia, Japan, Mexico, Brazil and Canada can expect the launch of Google Workspace Individual in the coming months of 2021.

Now, it will be the organisations and enterprises that will have complete control over Google Drive, files encryption, enhancing the security of the data.

Google has made Google Hangout, now Google Chat available free of cost for all its users.

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