Google Health Division is About to Shut Down

According to a Business Insider’s report on 20 August 2021, global IT giant Google LLC is planning to close the Google Health division. This report is referenced from an internal memo of the company from the head of the research organization of Google, Jeff Dean to its employees on 19 August 2021.

This memo included the winding-up decision of 2018 launched, Google Health division, which used to serve in the healthcare sector with new technologies.

According to the memo, the employees who used to work for the division will be allocated new responsibilities in the company.

Even, David Feinberg, who has been head of the division since 2018, is leaving the IT giant for the chief executive officer in Cerner Inc, a publicly traded healthcare technology firm.

The software developers’ team of the Google health division will now report to the dean, while Google’s vice president of search and AI, Yossi Matias will lead the team which was working on medical images processing till now.

Even though the IT giant has decided to close the Google health division, but that doesn’t mean that the company has no plan to grow in the healthcare sector. This year only, the company has acquired a health-tracking smartwatches manufacturer, Fitbit Inc. at the cost of $2.1 billion.

Some other examples of Google’s efforts in healthcare involve the medical data processing solution for hospitals, available on cloud. Even, the Healthcare Data Engine is useful for researchers to analyze the medical data in an organized way with more efficiency.

Calico and Verily are the two subsidiaries of Alphabet Inc., Google’s parent company will continue to work in the healthcare domain, even after Google health. It is the investments from Alphabet and other sources that have allowed Verily to raise a fund of over $2 billion.

According to Google’s spokesperson, the company has increased its investments in the health domain to improve healthcare services with the aid of new technologies, which include Google health projects, Fitbit’s acquisition, and launch of health-related features on Google services such as YouTube, Maps, and Search.

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