Google Cloud VMware Engine started for users in India.

Google announced on Thursday that its Cloud VMware Engine is now available in India for businesses wishing to transfer existing VMware systems to the cloud and accelerate their digital transformation efforts.

Customers may connect to a dedicated VMware environment directly through the Google Cloud Console to migrate or extend their on-premises workloads to Google Cloud in a matter of minutes with this service.

According to the tech giant, running VMware workloads on Google Cloud minimizes operational strain while gaining scale and agility. It also ensures continuity with the organization’s existing tools, rules, and processes.

“We’re excited to collaborate with VMware to help enterprises adapt to changing times and digitally reinvent themselves using the cloud’s power,” said Bikram Bedi, Managing Director, Google Cloud India.

Enterprises can also leverage on-demand self-service creation of VMware private clouds with seamless connectivity to Google Cloud services like BigQuery, Cloud Operations, Cloud Storage, Kubernetes, and Cloud AI to modernize existing IT investments.
“Through our agreement, our clients will be able to deploy Google Cloud VMware Engine and transfer their existing VMware-based apps to Google Cloud without having to modify or rewrite them,” said P. Nair, Vice President and Managing Director, VMware India.

In addition to its native features, VMware users appreciate the platform’s robust third-party ecosystem for disaster recovery, backup, monitoring, security, and virtually any other IT requirement.


“The Cloud VMware engine will support our overall technology and business strategy to extend our infrastructure and save expenses,” stated Ashu Kakkar, Vice President, HCL Technologies.

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