Google Case for Taking Down Fortnite from Play Store

A Google case has been filed by the developer of the game Fortnite, Epic Games against the restrictions imposed by the app stores. This is an antitrust lawsuit against Google.

It was last year when this Google case was filed for taking down Epic Games’ Fortnite from the Play Store.

According to Verge’s report, with this new complaint, Epic Games is trying to highlight the monopolistic behavior of Google on Android, which also includes the last year’s action of removing Fortnite from the Play Store.

The allegations put in this Google case by the game developer have been denied by the IT giant, Google.

According to Google Spokesperson’s statement on Thursday, even though earlier, the game Fortnite was available on Android, but now since the game is found to have violated some of the policies, that’s why they removed the game from Play. Along with that, the IT giant considered the claims meritless and will continue the defend itself.

Before Play Store, it was the Samsung Galaxy Store, which was the first choice of Epic Games for launching Fortnite.

But Google showed huge interest to add the game to its play store, and also made special deal offerings to do so, which were refused by Epic.

In the US, Google has been accused in a multi-state antitrust lawsuit for using false practices to prevent Samsung Galaxy Store, from becoming a potential competitor of Google’s Play Store.

The Google case is not the only legal conflict of Epic against the app stores. Apple is also accused by Epic of using anti-competitive practices.

Both Apple and Epic are waiting for the court decision over the lawsuit for using an in-game payment system, whose proceedings just got finished in May.
According to Epic, the antitrust law should regulate Apple’s anti-competitive behavior which includes the charges of 30% standard fee amount.

It was in, August 2020 when Apple took down the game Fortnite for using an in-game payment system and violating rules.

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