GitHub Sponsors are now open in India; GitHub Grants announced.

GitHub announced GitHub Open Source Grants at GitHub Satellite India 2021 earlier this year, pledging INR one crore in Indian rupees to help and fund open source maintainers and contributors as they continue to build open-source software and make an impact for India and the globe.

GitHub has received hundreds of submissions from around India since May 2021 and has been working hard to extend these initiatives that support and finance engineers in India. Developers from 81 cities in 19 Indian states applied, and their open-source projects were displayed.

The dedication and drive of open source developers in India is inspirational, from maintainers providing developer tools to contributors supporting Covid-19 initiatives.

As GitHub continues to support its growing developer community in India, the company has declared the first 15 recipients of GitHub Open Source Grants: liyasthomas, akshay2211, anuraghazra, ptrthomas, pranshuchittora, VishalNehra, bodhish, shivammathur, ahiliation, onprem, snitin315, anikethsaha.

The firm aims to celebrate and support the incredibly valued open source contributions that drive innovation by giving these grants, increasing awareness of this vital work, and encouraging more open-source contributions from the developer community around the world.

Open-source developers create software for the rest of us, and the world today runs on it. Financial support for the people who construct and manage the open-source community is another method to contribute to a healthy and sustainable open source community.

“This is why we introduced GitHub Sponsors, and I am thrilled to reveal that we are going to open up GitHub Sponsors to an initial group of developers—including our award recipients in India,” said Maneesh Sharma, General Manager, GitHub India. Before widespread availability is announced, users’ early comments will help GitHub enhance the experience for all developers in India.”

“Indian developers are truly shaping the future of software, transforming India into an innovation powerhouse, with open source software development at its core,” Sharma concluded. I’m ecstatic to recognise the positive influence that Indian developers are having across the country and beyond. By our GitHub Open Source Grants and Sponsors programmes, we will continue to support and fund open source maintainers and contributors in their essential work.”

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