Five things to do after an bad Performance Review Rating

Five things to do after an Unsatisfactory Performance Review Rating

Anirudh is one of the best performers in the Project team. He was expecting the highest rating that is in magical formulae for Promotion, Bonus and Salary Hike.

During his performance appraisal meeting, his manager notified him that he did exceptionally well; however, due to Organization-wide normalization, he did not get the highest rating.

Anirudh is a 31-year-old Senior ETL Developer. He is Dedicated, Sincere, Diligent, and having excellent Programming Skills; he is an outstanding performer who is significantly contributing to the Project and helping managers and clients, etc.

Anirudh feels frustrated and feels as though he is cheated and used in this project.

Indian IT is sharing some key points to reduce stress resulted from unexpected lower or Unsatisfactory Performance Review ratings.

Below are the high-level points-

1. Be Cool and Calm:

  • Remain calm as soon as your manager gives you the shocking news of your unsatisfactory rating; everyone is aware of your hard work however panicking in this situation is just going to make things worse


  • Do you think getting a heart attack from an unexpected rating is worth it?


  • Yelling and getting angry will make things worse; listen to the feedback and take notes and don’t react immediately

2. Re-Evaluate the feedback and consider the facts:

  • Read all the comments, and feedback provided by your manager and re-evaluate yourself against negative and “improvement needed” points


  • Make sure to review the fact such as if other people did a better job than you


  • Many times managers are given numbers by the senior manager that how many percent of individuals in the project can get the highest rating.


  • Managers are just doing their job by doing normalization a natural way, try to identify if your manager is honest/ethical with you and works his/her level best and fought for getting the maximum number of good ratings.


3. Show Facts: Ask questions and clarification:

Collect all proofs about your outstanding achievements, appreciation emails; ask questions and seek detailed explanations with examples from your Manager.

4. Talk to the Manager’s Manager:

If your manager is “BLAMO” or “BESTO” as defined by the Indian IT blog, then you can discuss your concerns with Manger’s Manager or senior management person.

5. Performance Rating Never Changes-Time to implement your Action Plan:

You believe it or not, but performance appraisal ratings never change once given for the year. In some cases, IT professionals are promised to provide an onsite or better salary or better role irrespective of the rating

Choose one of the options from below

Say thanks to Manager and start searching for another job (It doesn’t guarantee a better rating in the new company but may give you things like promotion/salary hike and hope for the rating you deserve)

Set a meeting with your manager and identify what you can do to get the highest performance rating next year.

What things you should focus and perform well to get the highest performance rating

Any more thing you want me to list?

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