Five biggest challenges faced by every Indian IT Professional

Five biggest challenges faced by every Indian IT Professional

Indian IT professionals face many challenges and encounter many issues; however, few are always there no matter which IT organization they join.

Indian IT Blog listed down top six challenged that every Indian IT professional face once in a while.

1. Lack of Innovation and Demotivated environment

If you are an Indian IT professional, you know better than others that the majority of the time, innovative ideas are not appreciated very well. Even though the current focus of the Indian IT industry is to innovate, automate, and enhance processes still, many of the organization are focusing on traditional approaches and often demotivate employees.

2. Polito Manager

Polito Managers [Read: Who is Polito Manager] are the top reasons why IT professionals switch employer. Many managers play politics and often create problems for talented and efficient IT professionals.

3. No KT/No Documentations

Every IT professional face this challenge once in life where. You join the new project, and after a while, you realize that you did not receive any Knowledge Transfer and there is no project documentation for you to refer.

4. Unrealistic Deadline

As an IT professional, you think it is 120 hours of work; However, your manager already committed to client delivering in 80 hours. Unrealistic deadline is one of the biggest challenges that IT professionals face.

5. Inefficient use of resources and skillset

Indian IT companies do not do a very great job when it comes to resource utilization strategically. People are assigned project irrespective of skillset, and you will see a Java developer working on SAP while someone who doesn’t know Java is working on Java project.

Please share your challenge with us!! I purposely left one item to see if you can point 🙂


Jai ho India!!

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