First Job in Indian IT industry:Humans of IT Industry

It’s 8 PM, and I am at an Engineering College in Bengaluru, waiting for my third and final round of Interviews.
Everybody told me that the last round is just a formality as it’s just an HR round where they ask some basic questions, but I am still very nervous.

I studied in a Private Engineering College with very few opportunities to attend a campus interview, so after completing my Bachler of Engineering, I moved to Bangalore for Job search.

I attended many off-campus interviews but eliminated in Group Discussions or written tests due to my poor English.

Finally, the day comes, when I passed all rounds, including a written test, group discussion, two Technical Interviews.

This job was very important for me because my middle-class parents put a bet on me by their sacrifices, their debts due to my educational expenses. I still remember that my mom sold her jewelry for my 4th-semester engineering college fee.

While life is in rewind-remind mode, suddenly, my name was called for HR round.

It’s 9:15 PM, I am almost in tears, Yes! I got the job. The first thing I did is called my parents, who still live in a small village.

Using my Nokia 1100, which was gifted by my Dad so that I can take an interview call, I called my Dad- “PAPA job Nahi Mili agale bar aur achhe se try karunga” (Dad, sorry I did not get the job, I will try harder next time). PAPA replied- “Koi Bat Nahi beta”(no problem my child)
Are main to majak kar raha tha papa. (I was kidding Dad). I got a job, and I will be joining in January.

After calling my parents, I prayed to God and promised myself that this company gave me a break in the IT Industry, so I will work hard and contribute my best to this company.

I worked for three years for this Top IT Company before switching over to another company; however, that first job and first company feeling is still so refreshed and alive in my mind.

I may switch over to many other companies in the coming years, but the feeling of the first job and first company are truly exceptional and unique.

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