Fired Software Engineer hacks Database to get job back

Vikesh Sharma, a Delhi based senior software engineer was arrested for allegedly hacking into the Database of his previous company and deleting selective information to get back his job.

Here are the details in sequence:

Vikas was a Senior Software Engineer with a Delhi based private Indian IT company that manages the IT Services of healthcare-related companies and hospitals.

Vikas was fired from his job during Lockdown.

As per the complaint, he made the plan and hacked the database and deleted/updated the information.

As per the police complaint, he deleted 18,000 data entries of patients, billing & payment information of around 3 Lacs patients and entered 22,000 erroneous entries.

He thought it would cause financial trouble for the company, and the organization would be forced to hire him back to rectify the issue of deleted data and invalid entries.

Deputy Commissioner of Police Vijayanta Arya said, the CEO of the private company lodges complaint, police launched an investigation to tracked the IP address and collect the evidence.