Who is the Father of Artificial Intelligence?


In the present world, we have gotten so familiar with the technology that sometimes we forget that we interact with a machine while using software or an application. It’s Artificial Intelligence that makes this all happen.

Cheques can now be deposited from the comfort of your own home, thanks to artificial intelligence. Since AI is capable of deciphering handwriting, online check processing is possible. Users can also use artificial intelligence to detect fraud by looking at their credit card spending patterns.

But you might have wondered that who would have been the first to think that machines can be good enough to learn ‘what user expect from them?’ i.e. the father of Artificial Intelligence.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is defined as the science and engineering of making intelligent machines. In earlier times, AI was just considered a science fiction concept, but now we are using AI applications in everyday life.

 Have you ever used Virtual Assistants on the web or on your smartphone, who on one call is ready to serve you? Without the efforts of the father of AI, you wouldn’t be saying ‘Hello Google’ to get your queries resolved in seconds.


Who is the Father of Artificial Intelligence?

It’s Mr John McCarthy (1927-2011) who is considered the father of Artificial Intelligence. He was born in Boston in a humble European Immigrants family.

As a teenager, McCarthy was already outstanding in Mathematics. Before becoming an official at the California Institute of Technology, Caltech, he used to work as a carpenter and fisherman to give financial support to his family.

John McCarthy graduated in mathematics from Caltech in 1948 and completed his doctorate in 1951.


How was the word “Artificial Intelligence” coined?

John McCarthy is generally regarded as the “Father of Artificial Intelligence” for his groundbreaking contributions to the fields of computer science and AI or artificial intelligence.


McCarthy coined the word “Artificial Intelligence” in the mid-1950s, which he described as “the science and engineering of making intelligent machines.”


Who was John McCarthy?

John McCarthy was a great computer scientist and cognitive scientist known as the “Father of AI.”


McCarthy’s concept of Artificial Intelligence was proposed at a conference on the campus of Dartmouth College in the summer of 1956, signalling the start of AI research, and the participants, including himself, went on to become the leaders of Artificial Intelligence research for decades.

 McCarthy developed an AI lab at Stanford University, where he worked on early self-driving car prototypes. He published articles on robot consciousness and free will and research into making programmes better understand or imitate common-sense human decision-making.

 Another big McCarthy breakthrough was an early system of computer time-sharing or networking. It enabled many people to share data by connecting to a central computer. The underlying idea of cloud computing was mentioned in 1960 when he opined that “computation could someday be organised as a public utility.”

What Made him the Father of AI?

John was already obsessed with the idea of Machine Intelligence. In 1956, he first coined Artificial Intelligence in the Mythic Dartmouth Conference and declared it his lifelong research field.


John McCarthy with Marvin Minsky and Claude Shannon announced their objective for this research continue based on the fact that every feature of human intelligence in principle should be described very detailed and with accuracy so that a machine can be created to simulate these features. would

John McCarthy with Marvin Minsky and Claude Shannon announced their objective as follows that The research will proceed on the basis that every aspect of learning or feature of intelligence can, in principle, be described so accurately that you can create a machine that simulates them.

The father of Artificial Intelligence is also credited for developing Lisp, the second oldest high-level programming language widely used in robotics. Even the Idea of Utility Computing, i.e. computer’s time-sharing, was also born in his brain.


McCarthy also founded many Artificial Intelligence laboratories in the best universities, including Stanford University and produced a paper on making programs intelligent enough to mimic the human common sense and decision-making ability.

The father of AI caught the world’s attention when in 1966, he hosted four simultaneous computer chess matches.

 Other Candidates of ‘the Father of AI’

 Alan Turing

 Alan Turing was known for his Turing Machine, which provided the concepts of algorithm and computation used in a general-purpose computer. It was after him, the highest distinction in Computer science, the Turing Award was named. 

Marvin Minsky

 Marvin Minsky with John McCarthy founded the AI laboratory at MIT in 1959. He is known for his research in Artificial Neural Networks and winning Turing Award in 1969.

Nathaniel Rochester

Rochester is best known for creating the first assembler, which enabled programmes to be written in short comments rather than numbers, designing IBM’s first commercial computer, the IBM 701, and organising the Dartmouth Conference studying pattern recognition and intelligent machines.

Allen Newell 

Newell’s contributions to AI included the Information Processing Language in 1956 and two of the earliest AI systems, the Logic Theory Machine and the General Problem Solver, which he developed with his Dartmouth colleague Herbert S. Simon. In 1975, they both received the Turing Award.

 Claude Shannon

Claude Shannon is known for his paper “A Mathematical Theory of Communication” and his contribution to Natural Language Processing and computational linguistics.

Geoffrey Hinton

Geoffrey Hinton is known as the ‘Godfather of AI’. He, along with Yoshua Bengio and Yann LeCun, regarded as ‘the father of deep learning for their research in Artificial Neural Networks.

In 1978 when the father of Artificial Intelligence, John McCarthy, gave up his research on Artificial Intelligence due to lack of funding and intelligence.

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