Facebook employees could receive pay cuts.

Mark Zuckerberg announced Wednesday that the company would allow all employees to work remotely if their work is remote. It is part of the plans of the firm, it announced in May 2020. 

Facebook employees who will continue remote work for 5 to 10 years will receive pay cuts if those employees move to less expensive areas.

Zuckerberg announced the company would allow most employees to work from home, and Facebook will localize employee compensation based on where each employee chooses to live. 

In a recent survey done at the social media major firm, 40 per cent said that they would permanently change to full-time work from home, and 75 per cent of these employees said they might move to another city or place. 

“We have learned from the past year’s experience that employees can work from anywhere. I am more optimistic about remote work at scale because remote video presence and virtual reality continue to improve,” Zuckerberg said in the memo.

Some roles that cannot be done by employees remotely include employees working on hardware devices or data centre setups. 

Zuckerberg said that Facebook would allow employees to request remote work across global geographies. Starting from the next week, the company will permit US employees to request remote work in Canada and Europe. In January 2022, Facebook will allow its employees can move between seven countries in Europe.

Facebook has over 60 thousand total headcounts and plans to reopen its offices across the US at 50 per cent capacity by September and reopen all its offices fully in October, a spokesperson of the company said.

Employees who chose to work in the office will be asked to come to the office at least half of the time. It will ensure that the office remains vibrant and employees coming to the office make the most of being a part of that community. In addition, Facebook plans to organize regular in-person gathers for office and remote workers to support the relationship building. 


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