Discrimination in the Indian IT industry?

This story raises a question to find if there is any discrimination in the Indian IT industry based on Gender/Religion/Caste/Region/Language or anything else.

I often hear that an undeserving team member was given the preference by a manager for an onsite assignment or promotion.

Based on some research, I am listing down few points which could be a real sign that there is discrimination in the project/company.

  • Your team talks a lot in the regional language such as Hindi or Marathi or Telugu, even though there is at least one guy who cannot understand this language
  • Often your internal conference calls also in regional language and the person who doesn’t know this language is assured for Minutes of Meeting (“MoM”) in English
  • Women are not allowed to do any weekend shift or additional work; they can come anytime however they are free to go by 5 PM while others cannot leave without completing work
  • Boss takes a coffee break with specific team members and eventually, those Tea mates get onsite or promotion even though there are other more deserving candidates in the team
  • You see significant behavior changed from your manager, and each person is treated differently in the team
  • Even after an outstanding performance, a person is not getting good rating/promotion whereas poor performer is getting promoted
  • Your Boss has a relative who works in the same team and gets a royal treatment

These are just basic thoughts I had but there can be much more!

What do you think? Do you know any other signs or instances of discrimination in the Indian IT industry?

Have you or your friend faced any discrimination while working for the Indian IT Industry? If so, please do share