Demand for IT professionals increase in the UK

Accenture research revealed that demand for IT professionals in the UK increased by 10% over the first six months of 2021.The organisation’s UK Tech Talent Tracker pointed out that this is the first time the job market for IT has grown since the pandemic, with more than 93,000 tech job openings by July 2021.

According to the report, the number was around 85,000 in the month of January. The overall availability of IT jobs is well below pre-pandemic levels at 76% lower than in the year 2019.Tech Nation Data revealed that the number of tech jobs in 2020 was said to have helped the overall market through the pandemic crisis

However, demand for skills in emerging technologies witnessed a surge across the tech sector, with blockchain related job listings increasing by 72% and quantum computing witnessing a 157% increase in growth. Shaheen Sayed, technology lead for Accenture in the UK & Ireland, said that while the UK economy continues to bear the brunt of the pandemic, these figures come as a ray of hope as tech helps to fuel the recovery. 

He added that investment in new software and machinery, especially with the UK’s roadmap in electric vehicle production and more hybrid working, will kickstart greater demand for more tech skills. “As businesses fast track their transformations and industries become permanently digitized, we expect to see the war for IT talent to grow even more intense,” said Shaheen

According to the report, job recovery in the UK is uneven, with open IT roles increasing in Manchester (18%) and Leeds (15%), but declining in Liverpool (-20%) and Newcastle (-5%). Despite a considerable rise in remote working since the Covid-19 pandemic, London has maintained its position as the UK’s primary hub for tech jobs, with the capital accounting for around half of all advertised tech vacancies in the country with over 44,000 available positions.

Accenture’s tech lead in the UK further said that the North-South tech divide persists, but burgeoning hubs in the North West of England and Scotland are offering more opportunities for IT professionals at a time when more people are changing jobs and making major lifestyle changes. Sayed stated that they expect the dust to settle on flexible working practices – as firms expand regionally – which should eventually help to broaden the spread of tech talent.


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