Delhi Police arrests  software engineer for blackmailing businessman for Rs 1 Crore

Delhi Police has arrested a 29-year-old software engineer and two others for recording an obscene video of a businessman and blackmailing him for Rs 1 Cr. The accused threatened to upload the recorded clip on the internet if he failed to pay.

The accused are Kishor Singh (31), Aryan Dixit (28), Payal (29). Police say that the accused secretly filmed the South Delhi businessman after luring him to tinder. The arrests were made after a businessman approached police over blackmail by the accused.

According to Police, Raj Kishor is the mastermind of the racket. The second accused, identified as Aryan, is an MBA pass-out who runs a Noida-based online garment business. Payal is a software engineer who lost her job during the COVID-19 pandemic. The accused  Raj Kishor has been arrested on charges of sexual harassment in 2013 and was later released on bail, stated police.

Raj asked the now arrested software engineer Payal to find a business person to honeytrap business people to earn quick money. Manoj C, DCP in the report says that to fund his lavish lifestyle, Raj Kishor opened a spa in Gurgaon and recruited several women. Later the spa became a front for a prostitution racket. Raj started demanding that the women honeytrap rich people by recording obscene videos in secret.

According to the police, the accused used to search for targets on tinder, where the spa women chatted with them. The women then lured rich business people to meet the now arrested software engineer Payal online. With the help of a handbag, Payal hid the spy camera and recorded the video or took pictures of the victims. Police say that Raj was entrusted with the duty to call up business people later and threatened them to upload their obscene videos on the internet if they did fail to pay the desired amount. Police noted that the victims  usually paid the money to save their reputation.