Cybersecurity startup Technisanct receives ₹22-lakh grant from IIT Kanpur.

As part of their inaugural batch of 13 startups selected pan-India, the C3iHub at IIT Kanpur has announced a grant of Rs 22 lakh to Technisanct, a Kochi-based big data cybersecurity startup, as well as fellowship money.

According to the company, because digitalization is at its peak, this collaboration between the institutions will help speed the growth of cybersecurity startups, which has shown to be a necessity in recent times and will help meet the country’s digital security needs. It would also make it easier for Technisanct to raise further funding and expand its international service offerings.

C3iHub was created to handle the complete issue of cybersecurity for cyber-physical systems. C3iHub, through its incubator partner “FIRST” at IIT Kanpur, will provide holistic support to selected startups and train the upcoming generation of cybersecurity researchers, from analysing security vulnerabilities and creating tools to address them at various levels of system architecture to translating these tools into deployment-ready software and nucleating startups developing these tools at scale.

Nandakishore Harikumar, Dinson David Kurian, and Rakesh Aikkara formed Technisanct. It is headquartered in Bengaluru and is based in Kochi. It provides managed services in the field of digital risk management. It uses big data and Integrite, a self-developed, AI-powered digital risk monitoring platform, to combat cyber risks, privacy, and data breaches.

“Academic institutes such as IIT Kanpur, with government assistance, have stepped forward to speed cybersecurity startup programmes, which are urgently needed. To enrich our nation’s cybersecurity needs, more similar startups solving real-time cybersecurity concerns should be encouraged by India’s elite education institutes,” adds Nandakishore Harikumar, Founder & CEO of Technisanct.

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