Cybersecurity services to SME: Accenture joins hand with Vodafone

Accenture and Vodafone are partnering to build better infrastructure with cybersecurity as a top priority. This is to support small-sized enterprises and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Vodafone had requested the government to reduce the VAT rate by 5% on products for SMEs. This is an excellent gesture by a big Telecom enterprise to extend their support to small and medium-scale enterprises.

Accenture and Vodafone have created the “Vodafone Managed Security Services” portfolio that encompasses several tools to protect and support the recovery of these firms against cyberattacks; There is a surge in cybersecurity crimes since the lockdown has become last year due to the pandemic.

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The Vodafone Managed Security services portfolio encompasses CED (Cyber Exposure Diagnostic), Vulnerability Assessment/Penetration Testing, and Phishing Awareness.

Cyber Exposure Diagnostic service in the new portfolio will direct, Small and Medium-scaled enterprises can revamp their understanding of their capabilities to handle any cyberattacks and analyze the fragile areas that are more likely prone to cyber-attacks.

Penetration Testing/Vulnerability Assessment service in the portfolio conducts simulated cyberattacks on the IT infrastructure of these enterprises to determine the vulnerabilities ahead of exploitation.

The Phishing Awareness service will help the enterprises educate staff on phishing attacks, adding an extra layer of defense.

Anne Sheehan, Business Director at Vodafone UK, commented on the partnership between Vodafone and Accenture stated that this partnership will provide best-in-class, affordable cybersecurity solutions to small- and medium-sized enterprises, who often lack the resource or hiring power to keep on top of rapidly evolving cyber-attacks.


Vodafone also added that their new security portfolio in the future would be scaling to add the below services as well like Forensic Services, Breach Response services, Managed Detection services and Response, and Managed Firewall services. Along with the added benefits, the enterprises who sign-up for these services will get round-the-clock access to the call center of Vodafone’s and Accenture’s teams of analysts and cyber specialists.

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