Cybersecurity Pack by Palo Alto will Protect Enterprises from Remote Work Security Threats

To provide enterprise-grade cybersecurity facilities to remote workers, a WiFi-based package, named Okyo Garde has been released by Palo Alto Networks.

This package can be purchased by enterprises in a customizable subscription, containing the Wi-Fi-6-based hardware, and a mobile application with threat-intelligence updates.

According to the company, this cybersecurity bundle is effective in monitoring suspicious activity, detecting infected devices, and protecting from phishing, malware, and ransomware attacks.

According to the Palo Alto Networks executive vice president, Mario Queiroz, the lack of proper cybersecurity protection facilities at remote workers’ end is a big concern for enterprises. That is why it is a good opportunity for them to enter into the corporate network.

In a blog post, he said that they need to work on ensuring the same level of cybersecurity at an office campus, and a remote worker’s bedroom, or kitchen.

The mobile app uses the hardware in this product to detect other home network devices, like smart tv, smart speakers. Then the threat-detection database helps in finding if they have any vulnerability, or should be blocked from the network or not?

In simple words, it reduces the security issues by isolating vulnerable household networks, from the work network.

According to Queiroz, now remote workers and small- to medium businesses will also be able to access the kind of cybersecurity facilities, earlier used to be available at only large campuses.

Along with that, Palo Alto Networks’ secure access service edge (SASE) offering, the Prisma cloud-based security package can integrate Okyo with it, protecting resources and applications of enterprise users with access control, user behavior monitoring, and advanced threat protection services.

Other features of Prisma include a firewall as a service, a cloud access security broker, zero-trust network access, and a secure web gateway.

The starting subscription price of Okyo Garde is the US $349 per year. Along with 24/7 support and troubleshooting services will also be available to small businesses or individuals, if they order the product from Okyo Concierge Service.

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