Covid-19 Layoff: Software Engineer becomes Liquor maker.

Tirupati, Andra Pradesh, India: Since the COVID-19 pandemic has started, it has changed many lives. Indian IT Blog recently received a story where a Software Engineer became an Illicitly distilled liquor (IDL) maker due to a recent layoff from his job abroad.

Tirupati local Inspector Dheeraj Reddy and his team raided a residence based on a tip. They caught a Software Engineer red-handedly when making IDL in house and seized jaggery wash, and non-duty paid liquor bottles.

Young techie has learned the IDL making techniques from YouTube videos and started the business as a cottage industry in the Tirupati city. 

The software engineer used big-sized earthen pots to make IDL as a cottage industry in his residence. The accused set up earthen pots, one on top of the other, and fixed a tap. 

Covid-19 Layoff : Software engineer becomes illicitly distilled liquor maker.
Covid-19 Layoff: Software engineer becomes an illicitly distilled liquor maker.

Cops were shocked during the raid by the seeing 70 liters of IDL bottles and 400 liters of fermented Jaggery Wash, which was using in IDL making and in the house, SEB police seized 44 Old Admiral VSOP Brandy of Karnataka liquor of each 1000ml from the same home. 

SEB Inspector Tirupati Urban arrested Vamsi Krishna Reddy (29) and seized all the apparatus he was using for IDL making. Tirupati SEB Inspector Dheeraj Reddy has registered a case and started the investigation.

There are so many motivational stories where a Software Engineer became Fish Farmer or Chaiwala (tea seller) or vegetable seller; however; the situation is not always the same for everyone. My heart goes to the affected family; however, this also teaches us not to get involved in illegal activities.