Cognizant to hire 23,000 freshers from campuses in India

Cognizant, the Information technology consulting company that provides business consulting, information technology and outsourcing services expects to hire about 23,000 freshers from campuses in 2021. Chairman and Managing Director (CMD) Rajesh Nambiar said in a recent statement.

Cognizant to hire the highest freshers in its history

It is good news for all the college students and freshers that Cognizant has increased its hiring number to 23,000 from 17,000 last year during campus placement drives, which accounts for 35% increase from 2020. Cognizant currently has 281,500(Q2, 2020) employees. 

In a recent statement, Rajesh Nambiar, CMD, Cognizant India said, “These new hiring to complement Cognizant’s lateral hires. In quarter 1, we will hire more than in any other quarter in the history of Cognizant.”

Who will Cognizant hire?

Nambiar said, “Cognizant will focus on hiring staff for its digital products, such as cloud, data, digital engineering, and internet of things (IoT) and other strategic areas such as cybersecurity, salesforce, and business modernisation technologies.”

Cognizant is also running one of the industry’s most scalable internship programs. Last year, it got 5,000 interns for an internship. This year, it is expanding the program to 10,000 interns.

About Cognizant

The company continues to be one of the top recruiters in engineering, science, management, and many other such talents from Indian educational institutions. We should not forget that Cognizant is an American multinational technology company, but still, it hires nearly 70 per cent of the company’s global workforce is in India.

The company should, however, focus on retaining its employees. As per an earlier report, the company reported the highest attrition rate, which means the employees resign or take off leaves. It may be because of the 9-hour shift policy. Many employees find it hard to work for 9 hrs. The pandemic can be the other reason too.  


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