Cognizant Technology Solutions to modernize complete IT infrastructure for Aker Solution

Cognizant Technology Solutions has announced the extension of its partnership with Aker Solutions, a global engineering firm, to modernize and simplify its entire IT infrastructure, including its business technology network and application maintenance and development. Aker Solutions assists businesses in obtaining energy from various sources, including oil, gas, and offshore wind.

Aker Solutions’ productivity and scalability will be enhanced due to the expanded connection, while Cognizant will reduce IT operational expenses. Cognizant’s DevOps strategy will enable the organization to provide agile support and shorter delivery times for new projects, including oil field developments and wind turbines.

Cognizant Technology Solutions will supply digital solutions and services, including designing, developing, and deploying mobile applications, as part of the five-year agreement. Through mobile applications, Aker Solutions’ clients will improve predictive maintenance of their supported assets and increase employee productivity on site thanks to digital technologies such as AI, data analytics, and IoT.

“We see an increasing need for energy generation, and our clients want goods and services that help them lower their environmental footprint,” said Aker Solutions CIO Joar Handeland.

“At the same time, there is a tremendous push to lower the costs of new products, services, and technology, making them more appealing to more projects. We plan to address these issues by improving collaboration across the value chain and enabling new solutions. We need a trustworthy partner who knows our company for this, and Cognizant’s recent investment in digital technologies has given us confidence that they can provide the competitive advantage we need to assist our clients in prospering in these challenging times.”

Cognizant Technology Solutions will also assist Aker Solutions in transforming and managing its SAP enterprise system to improve operational efficiency, user experience, and employee engagement.

Cognizant’s Anne-Sofie Rissen, Head of Nordics, said, “We look forward to continuing our engagement with Aker Solutions to help the firm boost its productivity and transition to renewable energy as it prepares to undergo fundamental change.” “With our significant investment in digital technologies such as artificial intelligence and data analytics, Cognizant Technology Solutions is better positioned to assist Aker Solutions in addressing its core and growing business challenges.”

Cognizant has a long-standing relationship with Aker Solutions, which Cognizant will use in this project. Cognizant has been Aker Solutions’ exclusive provider of digital systems, technology, and operations services since 2016.

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