Cognizant Layoff Starts:6 things to know

IT Company Cognizant has started terminating its bench employees and it can be called Cognizant Layoff 2020.

This appears to be one of the biggest Cognizant Layoffs in 2020 and probably the biggest among the top IT Companies in India post COVID-19.

Here are the 6 key things about Cognizant’s Latest Layoff

1. Is this news true?

This news is true and confirmed by many Cognizant employees, along with some anonymous sources to prominent Indian Media companies.

One screenshot from an anonymous layoff board:

Cognizant layoffs
Cognizant layoffs

2. Who are all getting fired by this latest Cognizant Layoff?

Employees have one or more criteria from below three:

  • Employees who are on the bench for more than 35 days and could not secure any project
  • Employees who are ‘Associate’ grade (mostly mid-level employees)¬†
  • Employees who have got the lowest Performance rating during the apprisal

3. The total number of employees Cognizant is going to fire?

Numbers are not officially confirmed by cognizant; however, as per the anonymous sources, approximately 18,000 employees will be terminated that includes the first phase of 500 employees already terminated.

4. Is the Layoff happening only in India?

Layoffs are happening across the globe that includes two most popular locations- India and the USA

5. Isn’t this unethical to terminate the employment during Covid-19

Indian IT Blog strongly believes that it is an injustice to the employees who are getting terminated during this COVID-19.

We are very thankful to The Chennai-based IT union All India Forum for IT/ITeS Employees and various other IT employee support groups fighting for Software Engineers and IT professional’s welfare, However, it is not enough yet as IT companies continue to Layoff.

6. What Cognizant says

  • Employee termination based on Permanace appraisal is a normal process across the Indian IT Industry, and all companies follow it.
  • cognizant clarified that numbers regarding the terminations are not accurate and not based on the facts
  • Cognizant is still hiring top talent across the globe and helping its employees learn new technologies and upskill themself
The Indian IT Industry may go through a tough time in the coming months, Be Strong!!!

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