Cognizant launch operation C3; donates 10 Crore rupees to India for Covid-19 support after rewarding 102 Crore to CEO

  • IT services major Cognizant announced that it is providing 1.5 million USD (10 crores) towards the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic in the country.
  • Cognizant is providing an additional 2 million USD (15 Crores) to the emergency fund of UNICEF India to help address the shortage in oxygen and deploying medical supplies.

Cognizant on Thursday announced that it is providing about ten crores towards India’s efforts to battle the war against the covid-19 crisis that had worsened the situation in the country.

Cognizant launch operation C3

The company has launched Operation C3 – Cognizant Combats COVID-19 – to “pull together all the resources available to support its associates in India, their dependents, and their communities.

“As the second wave of the Covid-19 hit India, the health and well-being of our associates is our top priority. Cognizant owes much of its success to a large presence in India, and we are committed to helping the country and its people overcome this humanitarian crisis,” Cognizant India Executive Vice President and Chairman Rajesh Nambiar said.

Cognizant supporting India during Covid-19 crisis

Cognizant will focus on three main areas: supporting COVID care facilities, supplementing oxygen supplies to address the acute shortage, and providing access to vaccinations. In addition, as time is critical, the company is immediately providing 1.5 million USD through the Cognizant Foundation to operationalize response efforts with our partners across India,” he said.

As part of this initiative, Cognizant is helping establish and support COVID care facilities across India, including offering its facilities to be operated as care facilities.

The massive rise in cases in the second wave of the pandemic has led to hospitals in many states reeling under a shortage of medical oxygen and beds. Social media timelines are filled with SOS calls with people asking for oxygen cylinders, hospital beds, plasma donors, and ventilators.

Organizations across the spectrum have come forward to source and donate oxygenators, breathing machines, and ventilators.

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