Cognizant invests 8.5 million USD for vaccination drives of 6.5 lakh associates and families.

Cognizant has started a nationwide Covid-19 vaccination drive to vaccinate its 6.5 lakh employees and their families with an investment of 8.5 million USD (Rs. 60 crores) for its Covid-19 response program Operation C3.

Operation C3 includes delivering essential items to employees and the community, setting up Covid care centre and organizing vaccination drives.

Rajesh Nambiar, VP and Chairman of Cognizant, said that the vaccine supply constraints are easing, and we are hopeful that by June, the situation will be better. He said, “We are also pursuing available options to start vaccinations for our ecosystem and working with health authorities, health providers, and vaccine manufacturers.”

About the impact of the Covid-19 second wave on business, he said, “It had been minimal of not more than 1 to 2 per cent employees affected by it and other associates in India and the world are filling the gap.”

As per the vaccination drive plan, Cognizant has set up over 100 vaccination centres across India with a combination of its centre and others. In addition, the company has partnered with multiple healthcare providers for vaccination drives. The company also has a reimbursement plan for employees getting vaccinated apart from these centres.

Cognizant India Foundation has collaborated with various organizations and health authorities to deliver 1000 oxygen beds for the community, paediatrics.ICU units, over 7 lakh PPE kits for frontline workers, and particular vaccination drives people with disabilities and caregivers. However, more than 8000 people have received vaccination to date in those centres.

The Cognizant India Foundation and company associates have donated 3 lakh USD (Rs. 2.1 crores) towards relief efforts in India. In addition, the company has an around-the-clock emergency care helpline, online medical consultations, oxygen-supported beds, quarantine centres, insurance, medical aid, and 14 days fully-paid leave for covid affected employees.


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