Cognizant India Launches 12 week paid “Career Restart Program” for IT professionals to restart their career after a break

  • Cognizant Technology Solutions Corp has launched a Twelve-week paid ‘Returnship Programme’ for IT professionals looking to restart their careers after a break.
  • It is also acquiring Mustache, a New York-Based Creative Content Agency.

Cognizant has launched a ‘Returnship Program’ for Software professionals who want to restart their careers after a gap in employment.

‘Return Ship Programme’ focuses on providing returners with a supportive environment and access to training, upskilling, mentorship, and similar resources.

 These Tech professionals will work with cutting-edge technology through this program and subsequently be considered for full-time positions at Cognizant.

“A break in a professional’s career can allow reflecting, find areas of focus, and return stronger to the next phase of a professional journey with a renewed sense of purpose. Many such talented professionals looking to return to the workforce are women, and Cognizant’s inaugural cohort includes women taking on Engineering Management Roles in the Digital Engineering practice,” said Rajesh Nambiar, chairman, and MD of Cognizant India.

Cognizant has also started women-centered hiring and retention goals for company leaders, which are part of the formal annual performance rating process. Women professionals in the company are around 38 percent of India’s total workforce and 45 percent of the Tier-II cities workforce.

Cognizant has planned to put 1000 high-performing women in leadership roles by 2021 to accelerate gender diversity in leadership.

Nambiar said that this gender balancing in the workforce would be done through Propel, a global leadership development initiative, which aims to help women at mid-management levels to accelerate their careers through coaching and mentoring in partnership with external certified executive coaches.


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