Cognizant signs deal with Energy company in UK

Cognizant has signed a new technology deal with Centrica to manage Centrica’s Systems Applications and Products (SAP) deployment for its UK operations.
Centrica is one of the top services and solutions company. With about 10 million business and residential customers in the UK receiving energy supply and services from Centrica, it has managed to make its SAP enterprise system the most substantial SAP deployments in the UK energy industry.

The cognizant new deal will help Centrica streamline business processes, reduce response time to market and regulatory changes, and offer improved user experience and operational efficiency.

The upgrades due to Centrica-Cognizant new deal will allow Centrica’s customers to experience a better account management process. It will also enable them to have improved insight into energy use with ease in tariff management.

Even Centrica will be able to serve more personalized offers to its customers. It will make it easier for customers to avail themselves of new services because of this Cognizant new deal for improved SAP deployment.

The CIO at Centrica, Mr Darren Miles on Cognizant new deal, said that it’s been for many years that Cognizant has been their trusted and insightful partner as they have evolved in their journey to improve their business efficiency and to deliver more personalized and engaging customer services by transforming their customer-facing offerings.

Managing Director of UK&I at Cognizant, Mr Rob Walker, said that Cognizant has been providing its services to Centrica since 2005 in a wide range of fields including consulting, cloud, data and data engineering services.

Centrica is looking for more agility, speed and infrastructure security in its SAP deployment system, and Centrica-Cognizant new deal will allow it to use Cognizant’s multidisciplinary teams and expertise in DevSecOps methodology to manage the SAP environment of Centrica.

Cognizant is an American based multinational technology company headquartered in Teaneck, New Jersey, United States and was founded in 1994. Since 1996, it started to provide services to its clients in the field of business consulting, outsourcing services, and information technology.


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