CLUBHOUSE app crosses over 2 Million downloads in India within weeks.

The voice-based social networking app clubhouse becomes one of the company’s top markets within weeks of launch. The invite-only platform has launched its Android version in India recently now has over 2 million users. The actual number of Indian Clubhouse users is yet to be disclosed.

The company has also appointed former Facebook executive Aarthi Ramamurthy as Clubhouse Head International.

Clubhouse co-founder Paul Davison when asked about the India launch by media, said that they are excited to see people connecting with Indian rooms, users and content.

When asked by the media regarding compliance with the recently announced social media regulations, the Clubhouse App founder said that that company is still tiny in terms of staff strength but remains committed to abiding by them.

Davison added that the company goal is to ensure that the platform is in line with the country’s laws and regulations. Non-compliance with rules would cause the companies to lose their intermediary status, which will make them liable for criminal action when a complaint persists.

Davison added that the general philosophy of Clubhouse is to collect as little data as possible and if someone reports a trust and safety incident and then the audio is taken solely for investigation purpose which is again a temporary encrypted data

He further added that the company views trust and safety and moderation along three dimensions: people, policies, and products.

Clubhouse co-founder Rohan Seth said the company is also aggressively working on monetisation plans and are looking into adding various options like payments, subscription, ticketing, and tipping.

He said that it’s only about a week that they initiated scaled payments in the US. If they receive good feedback, they plan to scale internationally aggressively, and India could be one of the first few markets to launch it.

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