Citigroup bans Zoom Video calls on Fridays, calls it ‘Zoom-Free Fridays,’ encourages vacations.

World’s biggest lender, Citigroup, has issued orders to avoid internal video calls on Fridays and encourage vacations to combat workplace malaise by the pandemic.

CEO of Citigroup Inc., Jane Fraser, who replaced Michel Corbat in March 2021, said that the week’s final working day should be known as ‘Zoom-Free Friday,’ through an internal memorandum. She also declared May 28 as a firmwide holiday to be known as ‘Citi Reset Day.’

In September 2020, Citigroup announced CEO Michel Corbat’s announcement, he was retired in February 2021, and Fraser took over the CEO’s charge.

Jane Fraser is a Scottish banking executive and the first female CEO in the history of Citigroup, and the first woman to head a significant wall street bank in the USA. She joined the Citi group in 2004 in the Corporate and Investment Banking Division.

According to the memo, Citi staff are encouraged to avoid scheduling meetings outside regular working hours before the Covid-19 kept most of its employees at home.

Fraser, in the memo, “from employees’ feedback and my own experience, I know the blurry lines between personal life and work and the relentlessness of the pandemic workdays that affected the well-being of employees. And it’s not sustainable”.

Most of the world’s prominent organizations are trying to adapt to workers shifting priorities as lockdowns continue to grind on.¬†

Ford Motor Co. this month has told more than 30 thousand employees to work from home as the second wave of Covid-19 has already started at many locations. Simultaneously, Other companies are trying to bring more workers back to the office, including interns, as they find it challenging to install corporate culture via video calls.

Covid-19 pandemic has changed the corporate world, and in-person meetings are replaced by long Zoom meetings introducing Zoom fatigue.