China Attacked Microsoft Exchange servers, Accused by UK

Allegations are put by the US, UK, and EU that China attacked Microsoft Exchange Servers. Over 30,000 organizations are expected to be impacted by this cyber-attack.

The suspicious cyber behavior of China is a matter of concern for Western security services. The wider spy activities have to lead to such allegations against the Chinese Ministry of State Security (MSS).

Even after the combined voice of nations against China about expressing their concern on the issue, the country refused to accept that China attacked Microsoft exchange servers.

The allegations are that China attacked Microsoft Exchange servers in January with a help of a group known as Hafnium. This group discovered a loophole in the system, which they used again and again for unauthorized access to confidential data including personal information and intellectual property.

The center of the attack was the systems containing information related to universities, defense contractors, and think tanks.

According to a security source, since January, Chinese intelligence-controlled cyber-operators were trying to exploit the vulnerability as much as they can, before Microsoft and the world can detect it.

It was in February when this spy activity started getting more harmful when other Chinese groups joined the Hafnium and widened their spy range impacting key industries and governments worldwide.

According to Western security sources, Hafnium might have come to know about Microsoft’s plan to fix the vulnerability, so they invited other groups to exploit the vulnerability to cause the maximum harm possible.

It was on 2 March, when Microsoft announced the detection of vulnerability and its plan to fix it.

According to the UK Foreign Office, China has always acted innocent on being caught undertaking spy activities. The US has also expressed its will to take action against Chinese cyber behavior. Even, the EU also mentioned the economic harm the attack has caused them.

Along with the allegation of China attacked Microsoft, Russia has also been accused of its recent SolarWinds campaign.