Capgemini “Sakhi Drishtikon” program aims at bringing women from Economically weak backgrounds from rural India to the mainstream.

Sarika Naik, CMO, Chairperson, Diversity, India, Capgemini, thinks that women in decision-making roles are vital to bringing cultural changes in companies that can foster an inclusive workplace.
Capgemini allows women IT employees across grades, roles, and skills to benefit from its gender diversity programs.
For the past decade, women’s representation has been on the rise across industries. It has proven that gender diversity at the workplace has long-term benefits like a wider talent pool, enhanced collaboration, increased creativity, better problem solving, and greater profitability in organizations and economies worldwide.
Gender diversity is a crucial priority for Capgemini to ensure a sustainable pipeline of the best available talent and increase women representation at higher levels.
Capgemini designed programs that women across grades, roles, and skills benefit and are enabled with the right environment and desired future opportunities.
One such program at Capgemini is fareWelcome!, which is designed to support women employees during maternity, assist in the transition from office to leave, help stay connected with the organization and colleagues during the maternity break and ease the ‘back to work’ transition process.
fareWelcome! The program aims at both individuals and their people managers to ensure that all the stress and demand experienced now can be discussed and managed openly with honesty in a collaborative environment.
This program is also availed by women embracing motherhood through adoption or surrogacy.
Remote working has further broken the geographical barriers which earlier prevented women from rural from joining the workforce. Capgemini took this opportunity to introduce ‘Sakhi Drishtokon’ to train and hire rural women in India from economically weak backgrounds with location mobility challenges.
Capgemini started this initiative to bring women from rural India to the mainstream workforce and train them to become full-stack engineers.
Just like Yin and Yang, true gender equality requires men and women to work together to maintain harmony and balance in society and organizations.
Sarika Naik further said, “gender diversity is a business imperative for Capgemini and our gender balance program; WinspirE provides equal growth opportunities and favourable working conditions for all colleagues, enabling women colleagues to achieve career aspirations and organizational milestone.”

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