Capgemini merges tech and R&D capabilities to create a 52,000-strong engineering brand.

Consulting firm and technology service provider Capgemini has merged its tech and software capabilities with its engineering and R&D practice to create a 52,000-strong Capgemini Engineering brand. The move comes following its $3 billion acquisition of Altran, a global engineering consultancy with expertise across the energy, aeronautics, automotive, and life sciences sectors. The new brand will operate along the following service lines; product and systems, digital and software engineering, and industrial operations.
It aims to aid growth and innovation for its industrial clients while keeping them updated with speedy digital disruption.

“Today’s leading organizations understand that engineering, research, and development are fast-moving and ever-evolving,” said Capgemini CEO Aiman Ezzat. “As a result, an end-to-end partnership with clients is required for developing, launching, managing, and modernizing breakthrough products.”

Capgemini will combine its digital manufacturing, data analytics, and other Industry 4.0 expertise with engineering knowledge to embody the end-to-end partnership.

During Capgemini’s acquisition of engineering giant Altran, around 50,000 Altran professionals joined Capgemini. They now comprise the bulk of Capgemini Engineering’s global team of 52,000 professionals stationed across 35 countries – including several leading engineering hubs. With an extensive clientele, the new brand serves two-thirds of the world’s top 500 R&D spenders.

Former Altran Chief Executive William Rozé will take over as the CEO of Capgemini Engineering. His experience is over two decades in engineering. According to Rozé, combining advanced digital capabilities with physical engineering is a natural progression in today’s market.

“R&D is the new battlefield. It must be connected and data-driven to optimize innovation and accelerate development. Capgemini Engineering’s services have been devised to address exactly that need, to harness the power of data to foster innovation, create new customer experiences and deliver new sources of value.”

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