Capgemini hiring 30000 people in India – Cloud, engineering and R&D, AI,5G, Edge computing, and Cybersecurity

Capgemini has plans to hire 30 thousand people in 2021 to increase hiring to 25 percent from last year, underscoring the French Information technology service provider and consulting firm’s bullish business prospects amid a pandemic driven a surge in demand for digital solutions.

Ashwin Yardi was talking at an Interview, “the hiring reflects our strong revenue growth guidance of 7 to 9 percent for the year 2021”, “the hired people will be a 50:50 mix of freshers and laterals.”

This firm has over 125000 employees in India, and India is its single-largest talent hub, as its total employee count is 270000.
Capgemini hiring of 24000 people in India in 2020 was top trending news for the Indian IT engineers during the pandemic.

Yardi said this year’s hiring will be across emerging digital skills such as cloud, engineering and research and development, artificial intelligence,5G, edge computing, and cybersecurity.
Digital and cloud comprised 65% of Capgemini’s revenue in the December quarter.
It is the latest IT company to announce large expansions in the workforce in 2021 in anticipation of winning large contracts from clients as the business of the company has rebounded to pre-covid levels.

Capgemini has meanwhile been offering both financial and soft perks to contain attrition.
Last April, the company announced pay hikes for all its employees.
“We follow an April-March pay plan cycle, and we will continue to follow that,” Yardi said.
Other IT companies like Infosys said it would hire 24,000 college graduates in 2021-22, up from 15,000 in the current fiscal.

Cognizant Technology, which has over 200,000 people in India, expects to hire more than 23,000 people in 2021, a 35% increase from last year.


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