Capgemini delivers a solid performance for 2020; Net profit up by 12 per cent.

Ridding on the Digital transformation, Capgemini announced a strong performance for the year 2020. Capgemini said it’s digital and cloud services, which represented 65% of its business in the October-December period, grew around 15% in 2020.

Capgemini SE Board of Directors, chaired by Paul Hermelin, convened in Paris to review and adopt the Capgemini Group accounts for the year ended December 2020.

Chief Executive officer of the Group, Aiman Izzat, said, “Capgemini’s 2020 performance was robust. The company bounced back in the third quarter as we continued to improve throughout the quarter, attaining the higher end of our target revenue range of the year. We also exceeded our operating margin and organic cash flow generation targets. In 2020, the Group demonstrated both its resilience and agility”.

Key points of the Capgemini performance:

  • Capgemini Revenues of 15,848 million pounds, up by +12.2% with Altran acquisition
  • Q4 steadfast currency growth of +20.8 per cent and organic growth of -2.4 per cent
  • Operating margin up +8 per cent in value and down 0.4 points to 11.9 per cent of revenues
  • 12 per cent increase in net profit, Group share, with normalized earnings per share up 7 per cent
  • The cash flow of 1,119 million pound
  • Proposed dividend of €1.95 per share

Key figures of Capgemini Financial report:

  • Revenues are up at 12.2 per cent (15848 million euros) from 14125 million euros for last year.
  • Operating margin is increased to 8 per cent at 1879 million euros from 1741 million euros of last fiscal year.
  • Operating profit is up to 5 per cent 1502 million euros from 1433 million euros of 2019.

The Group exhibited remarkable agility in 2020, rapidly adapting to an unprecedented crisis, and completed the acquisition and integration of Altran Technologies while delivering results in line with exceeding objectives announced during the publication of H1, 2020 results.

The Capgemini Group has overtaken Altran Technologies from April 1, 2020, making it the partner of choice for industrial and tech companies’ digital transformation.

The performance demonstrates how its client base’s sector and geographic diversification, combined with the high quality of offer portfolio developed in recent years.

The CEO of Group further said that “In 2021, the company will draw on our fundamentals, benefiting from the value added by Altran in the field of Intelligence Industry, while also developing a robust partnership with clients’ CxOs across their business transformation needs.

Capgemini Headcount

On December 31, 2020, the company’s total headcount stood at 269,800, up +23% year-on-year, mainly after adding Altran team members. Over 145,000 employees work in offshore centres, that is ~ 54% of the total employees.

After a slight dip in employee numbers between second and third quarters, the Group returned to positive net hiring in Q4 2020.

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