Capgemini CEO Expects profit to increase and has plans to double the hiring process.

Even as the pandemic pushed many businesses to a halt, it gave a push to break boundaries for a few others like the IT sector.

The adoption of digital technologies accelerated the move on artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud computing, giving new leeway for the IT sector, which is looking to hire more people.

In an interview with Ms. Archana Shukla, Mr. Aiman Ezzat, CEO of Capgemini Group, said he expects the firm to have fourteen percent profitability by 2025.

“We continue to expect that our profit will increase y-o-y. We have been doing the same for the past ten years, and I expect it to continue further, sometimes it is small, but each year we have been improving profitability except the previous year, where we had a bit of erosion. Still, now we are back on to the profitability drive, and we have targeted fourteen percent by 2025.”

He said, “Our firm’s growth is linked to the evolution of the use of IT. Information Technology has always been focused on enterprise management to aid companies run more efficiently. All new product developments and operations are now digitalized. So the growth is coming only because the use of IT has greatly expanded across the value chain in the firms. So we have to make sure that IT is not just a spend, but it helps our customers transform and create value.”He also added that the company had doubled its hiring plans.

“Compared to the beginning of the year, we have doubled our hiring plans. The demand is tremendous, but the challenge will be the shortage of talent in the market. There is definitely a talent war that is going on because there is more demand.

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