Capgemini Acquiring Empired to Strengthen Presence in Australia

After several acquisitions in the last 12 months, Global IT giant, Capgemini has expressed its plan to acquire Empired, which is a Perth-based system integration services provider. The cost of acquisition will be 233 million Australian dollars at the rate of A$1.35 per share.

With the acquisition of Intergen by Empired in 2014, the system integrator has marked a strong presence in Australia’s east coast and New Zealand region. It also owns offices in Dunedin, Wellington, Christchurch, Auckland.

Capgemini’s Managing Director for Australia and New Zealand, Kaylene O’Brien, expects the acquisition to help Empired’s growth in the region.

She said that the acquisition of RXP Services and Acclimation is part of their ambition to grow in Australia and New Zealand, and with the cooperation of Empired they will be working for creating an inclusive and sustainable future.

On one hand, where Capgemini’s name and strong presence in the Asia Pacific region, will help Empired to enable more opportunities for itself. On the other hand, Campegimini will be able to attract clients from the mining, government, and utility domain, with the aid Empired.

Under this acquisition, Capgemini will be buying a total of 160,301,595 ordinary shares issued, along with 12,575,751 converted performance rights.
The CEO of Empired, Russell Baskerville is supporting the acquisition and is ready to sell the 5.8 percent of the shares owned by him.

He said that the service capabilities, significant resources, and international experience of Capgemini will help them offer better services to their clients and the acquisition will bring growth opportunities for its people.

According to the IT giant’s CEO in the Asia Pacific, this deal is going to benefit both companies.

He said that combining the expertise of Capgemini in digital transformation and experience of Empired in Microsoft Azure and Dynamics 365 will help in the cloud migration of Australian and New Zealand’s clients.



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