BYJU’s and Google Partner to Improve Online Learning Effectiveness

On June 2 2021, an announcement was made that BYJU’s and Google partner to support online learning for both students and teachers. BYJU’s with approx 95 million registered students on its learning app, has become one of the leading education technology companies in the world.

Under BYJU’s and Google partnership, a digital platform will be created to integrate Google Workspace for Education with BYJU’s to offer more collaborative and personalized classroom organization. The participating educational institutions will be able to access the platform for free.

Google Workspace for Education is committed to digital education, and the combination of unparallel pedagogy of BYJU’s will empower educators.

BYJU’s and Google partnership is built on the Vidyartha platform, which will allow direct access to extensive math and science pedagogy and visually-rich learning solutions of BYJU’s, including chapter-wise slides, data banks, handouts, readymade assignments, summary docs, tests, etc.

 On BYJU’s and Google partnership, the Chief Operating Officer of BYJU’s, Mrinal Mohit, said that online learning had seen a significant rise and acceptance by people in the last year. During the pandemic, teachers and students were required to adapt to online learning and explore its potential.

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Through this partnership, BYJU’s is trying to support this digital revolution by empowering educators with necessary technological and learning resources to ensure continued education. 

The platform is designed to offer seamless and convenient learning with Google Classroom, which provides simplicity, flexibility and security to the educators.

Under this collaboration, an educator will not only get access to features of Google Workspace for Education like Docs, Slides, Sheets and forms but will also be able to use the video conferencing tool of Google, Google Meet, allowing up to 100 people to use Google Workspace for Education Fundamentals at the same time, for free.

Head of Education – South Asia, Google, Bani Dhawan said that they have been working to experience quality education everywhere. With BYJU’s and Google partnership, they are trying to reach schools across India to bring interactive English-based learning solutions. They are also trying to make it available in Indian languages as well.

Official Email Id will be assigned to all teachers, students and administration people by Google Workspace for Education to all participating schools.

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