Bosch to plant 25000 saplings to celebrate its 25 years presence in India.

To commemorate its 25-year presence in India and represent its 25,000 associates, Bosch Global Software Technologies (BGSW) has joined with Forests by Heartfulness to plant 25,000 saplings in a mini-forest plantation initiative. On February 24, 2022, the multi-city plantation, spanning Bangalore, Coimbatore, and Hyderabad, began.

“Bosch has taken significant measures toward sustainability globally, including being one among the first to achieve carbon neutrality. Many activities, including lake regeneration, have been spearheaded by BGSW. It is yet another modest but important step toward preserving and maintaining the planet’s ecological equilibrium. We can battle climate change and promote a healthy environment for the next generation by working together with the local community.”

“Forests by Heartfulness is our endeavour to generate a wider awareness and develop a sustainable green cover for future generations,” said Mr Kamlesh Patel (aka Daaji), President and Guide of Heartfulness. The amount of flora that must be supplied for the natural ecosystem to be restored is not something that can be accomplished immediately or by a single entity. It is a shared obligation among numerous stakeholders, including corporations, governments, non-governmental organisations, forestry, and individuals.”

“We are excited to see corporate interest in actively collaborating with this programme to leave a green legacy. We applaud Bosch Global Software Technologies (BGSW) on launching this large-scale multi-city mini-forest plantation drive across several cities to commemorate their 25 years in India and dedication to sustainability.”

This project, which will plant 25,000 saplings in Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Coimbatore, aims to improve biodiversity, create a microclimate to reduce city pollution, provide naturally grown fruits and medicinal herbs to local communities, raise the local water table, and reduce at least 5,000 tonnes of carbon emissions over the next ten years.

The plantation by Bosch will ensure nutrient management, BGSW and their NGO partner, Heartfulness, will work with local people to care for saplings and offer the required technologies for geotagging and tracking their growth for at least two years.

Bosch will use forests by Heartfulness’s patented Heartyculture High Density (HCHD) plantation technology to plant the 25,000 saplings. Activated Biochar, Vermicompost, Cow dung, and Cocopeat are used in this process for extensive soil reconstitution. BGSW will assist in the planting of more than 100 different tree species to create a tiny forest. The trees chosen for the plantation drive are native, endemic, and have an extensive root network that helps them support one another.