Black Lives Matters: Top Tech Companies to replace coding terms such as “master”/”slave”/”Blacklist”/”Whitelist.”


Black Live Matters: Top Tech Companies to replace coding terms such as “master”/”slave”/”Blacklist”/”Whitelist.”

The Black Live Matters movement against racial discrimination has shaken the tech industry.

Many organizations are trying to determine if their organization has any racial discrimination or how they can ensure that everyone to be treated equally.

As per the new trending report from Business Line, multiple big tech companies are cleaning up their software language, coding terms, and removing references that may be offensive or related to slavery.

Current Proposed
Master Main,default,primary
Slave Secondary
Blacklist Blocklist, Excludelist, Disallowlist, Denylist
Whitelist Allow list


Google, Microsoft, Github, LinkedIn to lead by example by changing the racially-charged phrases

  • GitHub CEO feels happy to rename the default branch structure of “master” to “main.”
  • The Microsoft coding platforms will replace terms such as “master” on its services with names like “main.”
  • Google Chrome had removed terms such as “blacklist” and “whitelist” and replaced them with “blocklist.”
  • LinkedIn software engineer Gabriel Csapo mentioned that he is in the process of filing requests to update many of Microsoft’s internal libraries to get rid of racially-charged phrases, it said.

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